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Little Witch Academia (2013)
7.2 /66
Little Witch Academia
Title:Little Witch Academia
Release: 2013-03-02
Runtime:(00:26:36) | 26 Minute.
Genre:Action, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy
Production Countries: Japan
Production Comp: Trigger
Plot Keywords: competition, flying, witch, maze, magic, broom, inspiration, school, girl, dungeon, magical girl, quest, anime, young animator training project
Casts: Megumi Han, Fumiko Orikasa, Michiyo Murase, Youko Hikasa, Noriko Hidaka, Chinatsu Akasaki, Eri Nakao, Hisako Kyouda
Alternative Titles: מכשפת האקדמיה הקטנה - Ritoru Witchi Akademia
Overview: Inspired by a magician named Shiny Chariot, the lively Akko Kagari enters the Little Witch Academy with the dream of one day becoming as cool as her idol.