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Ruben, Durex and Nora are three students in their last year of college. Ruben has already failed his exams once due to his lack of self-confidence. He's been as useless with Nora, to whom he dares not confess his feelings. And his childhood friend Durex, the most embarrassing guy in the world, is no help at all. When Ruben discovers that Nora is a dealer and that she's going to Amsterdam to bring back a new kind of drug, Ruben bucks up the courage to accompany her. This trip to Amsterdam is an ideal situation in which to at last seduce Nora. But his bad luck: Durex comes along for the ride. While the trio discover Europe's craziest capital, their lives really get complicated when they realize that the drug they've just picked up belongs to one of Amsterdam's most dangerous gangsters. Very quickly, Ruben, Durex and Nora will understand that to get their old lives back, they must stop being nerds in order to become true heroes.

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Release: 2017-03-29
Runtime: 100 Minute.
Genre:Action, Comedy
Language: Français
Production Countries:
Production Company:
Plot Keywords:
Casts: Kev Adams, Manon Azem, Côme Levin, Mona Walravens, Manu Payet, Patrick Timsit, Rutger Hauer, Hubert Koundé, Alex Hendrickx, Ido Mosseri
Alternative Titles:
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