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France, beginning of World War II. Hélène Studler is a nun who has been dedicated to the care of orphans and the abandoned people. But the times have changed, the people are living a whole revolt, the Germansoldiers have entered their city and the reality that now faces far exceeds the harshness to which they are accustomed: Hélène discovers that near her locality, the Nazis have installed a concentration camp. Along with some people of the city, several of her Sisters Daughters of Charity plot a whole plan to free the captives from their tragic end.

The Network of Freedom
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Title:The Network of Freedom
Release: 2017-10-20
Runtime: 110 Minute.
Language: Français, Deutsch, Español
Production Countries: Spain
Production Company:
Plot Keywords: resistance, vichy-régime, concentration camp, french resistance, religion, nazi officer, convent, nuns, world war iii, heroes, saint louise, saint vincent
Casts: Assumpta Serna, Pablo Santamaría, Pablo Viña, Luisa Gavasa, Raúl Escudero, Antonio Reyes, Javier Bódalo, Juan Lombardero, Giulia Charm, Marian Arahuetes, Juan Alberto López
Alternative Titles: The Network of Freedom - Le réseau de la liberté - Red de libertad
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