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A wild genre mix between a boxer film, urban western, road movie and music video, set at end of the summer holidays in a drab neighborhood in the outskirts of Hamburg suburbia. Young boxing talent Mauser is preparing for a pivotal competition when his father kills his step-mother and flees. Trying to find his father, Mauser embarks on a journey through the world of music, psychedelia, violence, love and a biblical thunderstorm. And what is with the Native American? "Once upon a time in Indian country" is a story that radiates both, heat and poetry.
Once Upon A Time In Indian Country
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Title:Once Upon A Time In Indian Country
Release: 2017-10-19
Runtime: 97 Minute.
Language: Deutsch
Casts: Leonard Scheicher, Emilia Schüle, Johanna Polley, Clemens Schick, Joel Basman
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