John Pilger - In The Name Of Justice

John Pilger - In The Name Of Justice
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Collection of classic documentaries made over the years by the award-winning journalist. Specialising in drawing attention to issues that our leaders would rather keep hidden, Pilger charts the plight of people around the globe. His documentaries have centred on the major social and political issues of the past 40 years, and this collection includes films on Vietnam, The Cold War, Apartheid, and some observations on his homeland, Australia.

Title John Pilger - In The Name Of Justice
First Air Date 18 Jun 2018
Last Air Date 10 Nov 2015
Genres Documentary,
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Episode List

Season Episode Episode Title Release Date Download Link
1 1 The Mexicans Download Link
1 2 Street of Joy 20 Sep 1976 Download Link
1 3 Pyramid Lake is Dying Download Link
1 4 A Faraway Country Download Link
1 5 Do you Remember Vietnam 03 Oct 1978 Download Link
1 6 Vietnam - The Last Battle Download Link
1 7 The Truth Game Download Link
1 8 Japan Behind The Mask Download Link
1 9 Apartheid Did Not Die 01 Jul 1998 Download Link
1 10 The Last Dream - Heroes Unsung Download Link
1 11 The Last Dream - Secrets Download Link
1 12 The Last Dream - Other People's War Download Link
1 13 Burp! Pepsi v Coke in The Ice Cold War 13 Sep 1984 Download Link